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Parkinson's disease - Causes

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aging changes in the nervous system
- Ataxia describes a lack of ability to move the muscles in a co-ordinated fashion. People with ataxia have irregular or awkward movements.
basal ganglia disorders
- The basal ganglia are a group of structures within the brain that help with movement. Any condition that affects the function of these structures is a basal ganglia disorder.
Parkinson's disease
- Parkinson's disease is a condition that damages the nervous system. Its main symptoms are muscle stiffness, shaking, and slowness of movement.
mobility impairment
- Mobility impairment can include any or all of the following: inability to move about as easily as others limited movement of arms or legs decrease in strength or control of the muscles and bones abnormal or impaired co-ordination medical condition requiring bed rest What is the information for this topic?
Shy-Drager syndrome
Wilson disease
speech impairment
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