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Causes - Food/Lifestyle

Can healthy living and eating affect breast cancer?
Causes - Other

Are there other causes of breast cancer

- Adenocarcinoma is the name of a broad category of cancers. This type of cancer comes from cells that line organs such as the bowel, lung, and breast.
breast cancer
- Breast cancer occurs when a cell within a breast undergoes changes that cause it to grow and divide uncontrollably. The tumour that develops from this will destroy tissue around it. Any tissue in the breast can be affected. Usually the cancer arises from tissue that forms milk ducts. Both women and men can develop breast cancer, but it is very rare in men.
breast lumps and cancer
Breast lumps and cancer - Images (Click to view larger image) - - - - Alternative Names - breast masses and cancer - What is the information for this topic? - Breast cancer is the most common cancer faced by women and the second most...
carcinoma in situ
- Carcinoma in situ describes a cancer in the very earliest stage. At this point, the cancer is quite small and has not invaded the tissues around it.
The Best Food For Your Baby
The Best Food For Your Baby - - Why Breast Milk? - Fear And Pain - Support For Breastfeeding - Emotional Rewards - If breastmilk is so good for babies, why do so many mothers find it tough going? Nikki MacFarlane of HealthAnswers explains...
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