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Prevention - mammogram and other tests
Mammogram And Other Tests

Information on the tests used to detect breast cancer
Prevention - Healthy eating
Healthy Eating

Prevention of breast cancer by diet?
Prevention - Other preventive strategies
Other Preventive Strategies

Information on strategies to prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer in younger women
Kylie Minoques high-profile battle with breast cancer has raised concerns among younger women in Australia. The National Breast Cancer Centre says about 11,500 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year with only about 700 (6%) of these women are under 40
breast lump removal
breast lumps and cancer
Breast lumps and cancer - Images (Click to view larger image) - - - - Alternative Names - breast masses and cancer - What is the information for this topic? - Breast cancer is the most common cancer faced by women and the second most...
breast self-examination
Useful Links
Australian Women's Health Network (AWHN) - National Breast Cancer Centre - WINGS - Breast cancer support site - Cervical Screening Campaign - Cervical Cancer & Pap Smear Info Line: 13 15 56
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