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Articles on the medications used in cold and flu
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Alternative Therapies

Information on alternative therapies for flu
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Information on any other cold or flu remedies

Flu Fact Sheet
Flu Fact Sheet - February 27, 2005 -- Influenza, or flu, is an acute respiratory infection caused by a variety of influenza viruses. The most familiar aspect of flu is the way it can "knock you off your feet" as it sweeps through entire...
- A cold is a viral infection that affects the upper airway including the nose, pharynx, throat, airways, and lungs.
- Influenza, more commonly known as the flu, is a viral illness that affects the respiratory tract.
humidifiers and health
- Humidifiers are machines that put tiny droplets of water vapor into the air.
fever blisters
zinc in the diet
- Zinc is an essential trace mineral. It has many functions in the body. Also, it is a component of several enzymes.
routine sputum culture
- This test attempts to detect and identify organisms in the sputum. Sputum is a secretion coughed up from the lungs. It is different than saliva, which comes from the mouth.
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