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Adult depression - Signs/symptoms

How to recognise depression
Adult depression - Getting Help
Getting Help

Information on getting help for depression
Adult depression - Treatments

What treatment is available for depression

compulsive gambling disorder
- Compulsive gambling is a disorder in which a person cannot control his or her urge to gamble. Gambling is any betting or wagering for oneself or others. Gambling depends on skill or chance, and may or may not involve money. Compulsive gambling disorder is an impulse control disorder.
cognitive testing
- Cognitive testing can detect changes in the way the brain functions. It can also determine whether the changes have occurred as a result of brain injury, illness or disease. Cognitive testing looks at a person's thinking skills. It also explores whether emotional or physical problems are interfering with those thinking skills. Specific areas examined during cognitive testing include: attention concentration memory abstract thinking problem solving judgment language skills ability to interpret information from senses (such as hearing, vision, touch) ability to control fine motor skills in the hands intelligence academic skills emotional functioningWho is a candidate for the test?
cognitive behavioral therapy
manic depression
grief, normal
stress and men
- Stress is the "wear and tear" the body goes through as it adjusts to the constantly changing environment. Anything that causes change in a person's life causes stress. Stress can be short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic). Acute stress is the reaction to an immediate threat. This is commonly known as the "fight or flight" response. The threat can be any situation that is seen as a danger. Common short-term stressors include: noise crowding being isolated from others illness hunger danger infection Imagining a threat or remembering a dangerous event can also evoke a stress response. Modern life frequently results in ongoing stressful situations. These may include: difficult work or personal situations loneliness financial worries the recent death of a family member or loved one a move to a new home or change in job physical illness, especially long-term conditions difficulty sleeping or inability to obtain enough sleepWhat is the information for this topic?
Useful Links
Lifting the Fog on Depression - SANE Australia - Including Helpline Online
- Psychosis is a general term which refers to any significant mental disorder that has a physical or emotional source. It is a severe disturbance in which a person is unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.
- Suicide is the act of taking one's own life on purpose. Suicidal behaviour can range from thoughts of killing oneself to actually going through with the act.
emotional aspects of abortion
- Abortion occurs when a pregnancy is ended before 20 weeks. When a woman decides to end her pregnancy for personal or health-related reasons, she may choose an elective medical abortion or an elective surgical abortion.
- Psychotherapy is a treatment that tries to eliminate or control mental symptoms through talking. It is a relationship between a therapist and a client. Different types of therapy are used. Each is based on different principles, structure, and methods. The therapist may be a psychiatrist, GP, psychologist, social worker, nurse, or other counsellor.
stress and women
- Stress is the "wear and tear" the body goes through as it adjusts to the constantly changing environment. Anything that causes change in a person's life causes stress.
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