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Constipation - Causes

Discusses causes of constipation
Constipation - Treatment

Useful information on how to treat constipation
Constipation - Complications

What are the effects of constipation on your body

anal discomfort
- The anus is the lowest part of the digestive tract, the opening from which stool is passed out of the body. Anal discomfort includes pain, itching, or burning.
anal fissure
- An anal fissure is a tear in the internal lining of the anus. This area is called the anal mucosa. This break in the anal lining often re-opens during bowel movements. The result is bright red blood and intense pain.
bowel obstruction
- Bowel obstruction describes a blockage in the bowels.
anorectal abscess
bowel retraining
- Bowel retraining is a method in which a person relearns to have regular bowel movements.
- Constipation is a condition in which a person's bowel movements become uncomfortable or less frequent than usual. Acute constipation begins suddenly and noticeably. Chronic constipation may begin slowly and last for months or years.
- An enema is a way of cleaning out the bowel or large intestine. Various solutions are inserted into the rectum to soften the faeces. This causes the bowel and rectum to stretch and expand, and helps the bowel to empty.
faecal impaction
- Faecal impaction is a severe form of constipation in which a large mass of stool cannot be passed.
- In this procedure, a flexible fibre optic instrument called a colonoscope is inserted into the large intestine, or colon. The colonoscope permits the doctor to view the details of the inner surface of the colon. This helps detect any abnormal tissues or growths. The doctor can also sample or remove abnormal growths through the colonoscope.
Hirschsprung disease
rectal prolapse
toxic megacolon
- An proctoscopy is a procedure in which a small tube is inserted into the anus to allow a doctor to see the details of the anus and anal canal.
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