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Deafness - Causes

Articles on the various causes of deafness
Deafness - treatments

How is deafness there a cure?
Deafness - Getting help
Getting Help

What resources are available for deaf persons

aural polyps
- Aural polyps are non-cancerous, fleshy growths in the outer ear canal or on the eardrum.
chronic otitis externa
- Chronic otitis externa is a persistent inflammation of the ear canal.
chronic otitis media
- Chronic otitis media is a term to describe persistent or chronic middle ear inflammation. This may be due to persistent fluid behind the eardrum from repeated middle ear infections.
eardrum repair
- Eardrum repair is performed for three problems. These include: a hole in the eardrum, called a perforation calcium deposits a deformity known as a retraction pocket The most common reason is perforation caused by infection, injury, or previous placement of tubes. Tubes are used to allow drainage and equalise the pressure in the space behind the eardrum.
ear pain
- Ear pain is any pain that occurs in any part of the inner, middle, or outer ear. This pain can be by itself or associated with other symptoms.
ear tube insertion
- Ear tube insertion is a surgical procedure used to drain fluid from the middle ear. In this procedure, a small cut is made in the eardrum. Next, special tubes, called Grommets, are placed in the ear to allow fluid to drain from the middle ear. These tubes also allow air to circulate through the area behind the middle ear.
aging changes in the senses
hearing test
hearing impairment
- An impairment means there is a change in the way a certain body part works that is different from usual. The impairment may not even be noticeable or have any effect on how the person functions. Or the impairment may be obvious and may make it difficult or impossible for the person to do certain activities. A hearing impairment means there is a change in what a person hears. This can range from having difficulty hearing certain sounds to complete deafness, or loss of all hearing.
occupational hearing loss
necrotizing external otitis
sports for adults with disabilities
- A sport is a physical activity people do for pleasure. Generally sport involves competition. Participation in various sports benefits adults because activity: allows for fun builds a positive self-image connects people through competition helps people to meet other people of like interests and situations improves health, discipline, and confidence A disability is the lack of ability to function normally -- physically or mentally. Sports help to promote a focus on the adult's ability, not on his or her disability.
Meniere's disease
ruptured or perforated eardrum
- A perforated eardrum is an eardrum with a hole in it.
speech disorders in children
- Otosclerosis involves the formation of new bone that affects two structures within the ear, known as the cochlea and labyrinth. The cochlea is a cone-shaped tube involved in hearing, and the labyrinth is key to a person's sense of balance.
age-related hearing loss
- Age-related hearing loss is thought to be a decline in the nerve function of the ear as a person ages.
- Vertigo is a type of dizziness or sensation of movement when none is actually occurring.
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