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diabetes and exercise
- Diabetes mellitus, or DM, more commonly known as diabetes, is a condition that affects the body's ability to control the level of glucose in the blood. Glucose is the main form of sugar used by the body. When a person has diabetes, his or her body does not make enough insulin to meet its needs. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas. One of its primary functions is to help the body control the level of glucose in the blood.
weight loss and age
- Age affects the ability to lose weight in various ways.
weight management and teens
- Many children seem to be lacking important information and guidance regarding exercise and nutrition. The result is that many children, especially teens, don't know how to manage their weight and are becoming either overweight or underweight. There is no universally accepted definition for overweight, however, a cut off point of either the 85th or 95th percentile of body mass index is generally recommended for children, and the 85th percentile for teens.
weight lifting and weight control
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