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chapped lips

Chapped lips are dry, peeling, and uncomfortable.

What is going on in the body? 
Wind or sun can dry out skin, causing chapped lips. Chapped lips also occur when a person often licks the lips or has an underlying skin disorder.

What are the signs and symptoms of the condition? 
Symptoms of chapped lips are:
  • dryness
  • constant peeling
  • dry, burning, uncomfortable feeling on the lips
What are the causes and risks of the condition? 
A person is more likely to get chapped lips if he or she:
  • frequently licks the lips, especially in cold weather
  • has sensitive or allergic-type skin
  • has an underlying skin disorder
What can be done to prevent the condition? 
Frequent lip balm application may help prevent the lips from becoming chapped.

What are the treatments for the condition? 
Treatment for chapped lips includes:
  • applying lip balm frequently
  • treating appropriately any underlying skin disorders
What are the side effects of the treatments? 
A person should have no side effects from fluids and lip balm. Check that there is no allergy to the lip balm.

What happens after treatment for the condition? 
Once chapped lips heal, no further treatment is needed.

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