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denture problems

Alternative Names 
denture sore mouth, denture stomatitis

When dental equipment such as dentures or partial dentures rub, a sore mouth can result. Sores can be found on the upper jaw, lower jaw, under the tongue or on the palate. The sores are usually red and a little swollen. They are found in the area next to the part of the mouth that supports the denture. Persons who wear dentures all night are much more likely to get these sores.

What is the information for this topic? 
Causes of denture sores include: What are the symptoms of denture problems?
  • redness, swelling
  • soreness or pain
  • burning feeling
  • white patchy areas
  • bad taste
  • bad breath
How can denture problems be prevented?
  • Do not wear partial dentures when sleeping
  • Keep dentures very clean and free of plaque and stains
  • Use a soft toothbrush to keep the sore area clean
  • Control tobacco use
  • Control alcohol use
A dentist should be able to diagnose this condition with an examination and by asking about the health history of the person. Individuals who wear full dentures should receive a yearly examination. People who wear partial dentures should have at least 2 examinations per year.

Specific treatment, such as fixing the denture so it does not rub, should be done by a dentist. People should not attempt to adjust their own dentures or partials.

Over-the-counter medications, other than those meant to help clean a dental appliance, may cause more irritation.

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