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Living With An Overweight Child (Part I)
Living With An Overweight Child (Part I) - The responsibility of controlling a child's weight and leading an active lifestyle belongs not just to the child carrying the flab. Parents have a big role to play too. Faith Chang of...
Living With An Overweight Child (Part II)
Living With An Overweight Child (Part II) - Helping a podgy child to lose weight? Don't force your goals on him. In the second part of a series on helping overweight children, Faith Chang of HealthAnswers looks at what can go very wrong....
exercise and children
- Children in Australia get significantly less physical exercise than in past decades. This lack of activity has led to increased rates of obesity and generally lower levels of fitness among children.
aging changes in body shape
Let's Get Physical!
Let's Get Physical! - The family that exercises together stays together. HealthAnswers checks out games that will give a good stretch to the ties that bind! - Dr Michael Chia - Assistant Professor & Exercise Physiologist - School of...
weight loss and age
- Age affects the ability to lose weight in various ways.
exercise and adolescents
- Adolescence, which is usually defined as the time when children are between the ages of 12 and 18, is often a difficult period. So much is changing for young people, especially their bodies.
walking and health
weight management and teens
- Many children seem to be lacking important information and guidance regarding exercise and nutrition. The result is that many children, especially teens, don't know how to manage their weight and are becoming either overweight or underweight. There is no universally accepted definition for overweight, however, a cut off point of either the 85th or 95th percentile of body mass index is generally recommended for children, and the 85th percentile for teens.
weight lifting and weight control
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