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Cancer prevention - Healthy eating
Healthy Eating

Can healthy eating prevent cancer?
Cancer prevention - Exercise

Articles on the role of exercise in cancer prevention
Cancer prevention - Meditation and other strategies
Meditation And Other Strategies

Information on other cancer prevention strategies

balanced diet
- A balanced diet is one that includes the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for all the essential nutrients including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet supports normal growth and development and good health.
breast lumps and cancer
Breast lumps and cancer - Images (Click to view larger image) - - - - Alternative Names - breast masses and cancer - What is the information for this topic? - Breast cancer is the most common cancer faced by women and the second most...
cancer prevention diet
- A healthy diet may help prevent some cancers. The ideal cancer prevention diet is low in fat and high in fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Staying physically active and limiting alcohol are also factors to consider. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Australia. One third of all cancer deaths in Australia may be related directly to how people eat. Eating is something that people can control. Cancer accounts for 28% of deaths in men and 24% in women.
Protect your skin this summer
Protect your skin this summer - December 04, 2001 - Under a hot sun, with the vast inviting ocean, blue skies and festive atmosphere, it's easy to be tempted outdoors with little else than a swimming cossie and a pair of thongs. However...
skin cancer protection
- Sunscreens and sunblocks are chemical or physical products used to protect the skin from sun damage which can lead to skin cancer, such as melanoma. Sunscreen products provide various degrees of protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays. Sunblock products prevent all ultraviolight from entering the skin. They often contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, and are used for high-risk areas such as the nose, lips, and shoulders.Chemical sunscreens and sunblocks protect the skin by absorbing visible and invisible, or ultraviolet, sunrays. Examples include: lotions gels creams lip balms spraysPhysical sunscreens and sunblocks protect the skin by reflecting, scattering, absorbing, and blocking sunrays. Examples of physical sunscreens include: clothing, such as shirts and pants and newer fabrics designed to block the sun hats sunglasses zinc creamWhat is the information for this topic?
- Constipation is a condition in which a person's bowel movements become uncomfortable or less frequent than usual. Acute constipation begins suddenly and noticeably. Chronic constipation may begin slowly and last for months or years.
pantothenic acid and biotin
- Pantothenic acid and biotin are water-soluble vitamins. They are two of the eight B vitamins. The B vitamin complex includes vitamins B1, niacin, B6, B12, folate, biotin, and pantothenic acid.
- In this procedure, a flexible fibre optic instrument called a colonoscope is inserted into the large intestine, or colon. The colonoscope permits the doctor to view the details of the inner surface of the colon. This helps detect any abnormal tissues or growths. The doctor can also sample or remove abnormal growths through the colonoscope.
diet for liver disease
- A diet for liver disease provides the vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy. It also limits nutrients that will cause further liver damage.
fruits and vegetables
fruits and vegetables - What food source is the nutrient found in? - Fruits and vegetables are good sources of many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other plant chemicals. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables has many advantages. -...
oral cancer
primary lung cancer
prostate cancer
PSA density
vitamin E
vitamin A
vitamin B2
vitamin C
physical exam schedule
salad and nutrients
- From a dietary standpoint, salads come in many forms. Just because it is called a salad does not mean that it is healthy and nutritious. It is possible to create a healthy meal from a salad bar. But it is also easy to make unhealthy choices and select many items high in kilojoules and fat.
Pap smear
selenium in diet
- Selenium is an essential mineral that works as part of an important antioxidant enzyme. The body only needs a very small amount of selenium. The amount is measured in micrograms (mcg). The highest concentrations of selenium in the body are found in the liver, kidney, heart, and spleen.
- Vitamins are nutrients required in small amounts to maintain life. Vitamins are called essential because they cannot be made by the human body. They must be obtained from foods or supplements.
The Cancer Connection
The Cancer Connection - The preserved food you love to snack on can potentially put you at risk of cancer of the respiratory tract. You can protect yourself with a diet full of fresh goodness. - Yashna Harjani - Dietician - Cancer is...
stomach cancer
Eat To Live! Food For The Active Woman
Eat To Live! Food For The Active Woman - Without the right fuel, your body will not be able to perform up to its potential. Here are nine nutritional tips to help you successfully glide through the different phases of your life. - Yashna...
Sunscreen: Your Shortcut To Preventing Skin Cancer
Sunscreen: Your Shortcut To Preventing Skin Cancer - Exposure to the sun's rays is the number one cause of ageing and damaged skin. Wearing sunscreens is your best protection against skin cancer. - Merlene Michael - More than 90 percent...
tobacco use: smoking and smokeless tobacco
scrotal mass
- The term scrotal mass means that a distinct mass can be felt within the scrotum, as opposed to a general swelling of the scrotum.
- A sunburn is inflammation of the skin as a result of overexposure to the sun. The sun's ultraviolet rays destroy the outer layer of skin cells and the tiny blood vessels underneath and cause a first-degree burn.
The Best Food For Your Baby
The Best Food For Your Baby - - Why Breast Milk? - Fear And Pain - Support For Breastfeeding - Emotional Rewards - If breastmilk is so good for babies, why do so many mothers find it tough going? Nikki MacFarlane of HealthAnswers explains...
Vitamin Junkies
Vitamin Junkies - October 30, 2001 - She wakes up in the morning and takes a stress-relief multi and a vitamin C super-dose before going to the gym. He whizzes up a "vitamin" shake and races off to work. Mid-morning she downs another...
vitamin B12
organic foods
- Organic refers to how food is produced. All foods are organic because they contain carbon. Organic foods are described as organically grown or produced.
walking and health
frozen foods versus fresh
- Certain fruits and vegetables can be frozen before retail sale to maintain flavour and prevent spoiling. Many types of fruits and vegetables come in both fresh and frozen forms. Examples include: peas corn carrots spinach mixed vegetables vegetable stir-fry mixes blueberries strawberries raspberriesInformation
Useful Links
Community Drug Education - Quit Now - The National Tobacco Campaign - National Quit Smoking Line: 13 18 48 - National Breast Cancer Centre - WINGS - Breast cancer support site - Australian Cancer Society - National Cancer Information...
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