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baby feeding
Feeding & Nutrition

Helpful information and advice on feeding your baby
infant development

Your baby's development…normal and abnormal
baby health and illness
Illness & Health

Articles on infant illnesses, and other health issues

Breastfeeding Basics
Breastfeeding Basics - 15 February 2000 - - Merlene Michael - Mother's milk is, by definition, the most suitable food for a baby. Not only is it the most natural and nutritious way to feed your baby, but it protects your baby from...
Epilepsy - May 16, 2001
How We See Ourselves
How We See Ourselves - September 10, 2001 - We rarely see ourselves as others see us - there are things we like about our bodies, and some we don't. Even our icons - the airbrushed movie stars and models who smile perfect smiles from...
It's Not Just What You Eat But How You Clean Your Teeth
It's Not Just What You Eat But How You Clean Your Teeth - 10 February 2000 - - Picture the scene: it's a Saturday night, the kids are in front of the TV with their favourite combination of candy bars, drinks and snack foods. Meanwhile...
Metabolic Diseases - Are you at risk?
Metabolic Diseases - Are you at risk? - 29 February 2000 -- Dr Ng Min Ching - General Practitioner - A vast number of processes are occurring in the human body at any one time. Living material is being built and broken down all the time...
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