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Accidents At Work - Causes

Articles on the causes of work accidents
Accidents At Work - Prevention

Information on the prevention of accidents at work

chemical burns
- Chemical burns involve injury to a part of the body caused by short- or long-term exposure to a chemical substance.
crush injury
- A crush injury occurs when a body part is caught between 2 objects.
eye pain
- Eye pain refers to any discomfort in the area of the eye.
fishhook removal
- Removing a fishhook from the skin can be a difficult procedure. There are hundreds of different hook patterns. Hooks vary in size and shape according to their purpose. The parts of a hook include: point, which is the sharpened end of a hook that penetrates the fish's mouth barb, or the projection extending backward from the point of the hook bend, which is the bottom or curved part of the hook shank, or the upper portion of the hook that extends from the bend to the eye eye, or the hole or loop at the end of the shank through which the line is tiedWho is a candidate for the procedure?
decompression sickness
replantation of digits
smashed fingers
- Smashed or crushed fingers occur when fingers are caught between heavy objects. Trauma may occur to one or more fingers, most often the thumb.
- Frostbite occurs when exposure to cold temperatures damages the skin or other tissues.
tetanus immunization
- A wound is any injury resulting in the breaking of the skin. Wounds can be punctures, crush wounds or abrasions or cuts. Wounds can also be caused by burns or cold.
slit lamp examination
- In this procedure, the doctor examines the structures in the front of the eye with a magnifying device and special light called a slit lamp. This helps show any abnormalities of the cornea, sclera, lens, conjunctiva, or eyelids.
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