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Overuse Injuries - Limbs

Lower limb overuse injuries in the workplace
Overuse Injuries - Spine

Spinal overuse injuries in the workplace
Overuse Injuries - Other

Information on other workplace overuse injuries

bursitis - Images    (Click to view larger image) - - What is going on in the body?  - bursa are fluid-filled sacs that act like cushions. They keep tendons and bones from rubbing against each other. bursa are found in places like the...
carpal tunnel syndrome
- Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) refers to numbness, tingling, weakness, and discomfort in the wrist and hand. It is caused by compression of the median nerve at the wrist.
chapped hands
- Chapped hands are a result of very dry skin. Hands that are chapped are usually: rough dry red peeling cracked sensitiveWhat is going on in the body?
chronic pain
- Chronic pain can be described as pain that lasts long enough, or is intense enough, to affect a person's normal activities and well-being. It may continue over a long period of time or come and go. Any area of the body can be affected.
neck stiffness
- A stiff neck refers to a tightness or rigidity in the muscles supporting the neck. Nuchal rigidity refers to a stiffness that prevents bending of the neck and limits movement of the neck. Neck stiffness can be simply a mild discomfort and slight problem in moving the neck. Or it can be severe pain and the inability to move or bend the neck at all.
nonspecific back pain
repetitive strain injury
- Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is caused by repeated or excessive movement of the shoulders and arms.
ruptured disc
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