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Cancer - Signs/symptoms

How to recognise the signs of urinary tract cancers
Cancer - Treatment

What treatments are available for urinary tract cancers

bladder cancer
- Bladder cancer is a form of cancer affecting the internal lining of the bladder. Bladder cancer can be superficial or invasive.
blood in the urine
- Blood in the urine can be visible, or it may only be noticed when the urine is tested.
kidney removal
- Kidney removal, or nephrectomy, is a surgery to remove a diseased or damaged kidney.
cytology exam of urine
- A cytology examination of urine is an examination of the cells that appear in the urine. This test can detect and help diagnose some urinary tract diseases. The urinary tract contains the kidneys, bladder, and the tubes that connect these organs to the outside of the body.
prostate cancer
PSA density
radical prostatectomy
flank pain
undescended testicle
undescended testicle repair
intravenous pyelogram
scrotal mass
- The term scrotal mass means that a distinct mass can be felt within the scrotum, as opposed to a general swelling of the scrotum.
tumour markers
- Tumour markers are chemical substances that are produced by some cancers. Most of these substances can be found in the bloodstream in small amounts even when cancer is not present. When cancers produce these substances, they are usually produced in very large amounts. The amount of the substances may increase far above a normal level as the disease worsens.
Useful Links
Australian Men's Health Network - Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia - Hotline: 1800 220 099 - Australian Cancer Society - National Cancer Information Service: 13 11 20
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