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- Cystocele is a condition in which part of the bladder drops down, or protrudes, into the wall of the vagina.
uterine prolapse
inflatable artificial sphincter
Kegel exercises for women
neurogenic bladder
- Neurogenic bladder is the loss of normal bladder function caused by damage to part of the nervous system.
- An episiotomy is a cut made to widen the opening of the vagina. It is done toward the end of labour to keep the vaginal tissues from tearing as the baby is born. Sometimes an episiotomy is done to deliver the baby quickly if the baby is in distress.
hysterectomy, vaginal for fallen uterus
- This is an operation in which the uterus and cervix are removed through a small cut in the vagina. It is done if the uterus drops from its normal position, which is called a prolapsed uterus. The ovaries and fallopian tubes may also be removed during the procedure.
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