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- Biofeedback refers to methods that allow people to have conscious control over body functions that usually occur automatically. The heartbeat, blood pressure, muscle tension, pain response, and brain waves have all been targeted. An instrument measures changes in these functions. The person is made aware of the measurements. The name biofeedback comes from this biological feedback.
massage therapy
- Massage therapy manipulates the soft tissues of the body to normalise the tissue. The massage therapist uses a systematic application of pressure and movement on the soft tissues of the body. Massage therapy is used: to reduce stress and pain to aid recovery from medical or surgical procedures to provide relaxation to soothe tired and sore muscles to increase circulation of blood and flow of lymph in the bodyMassage is often recommended as part of a treatment plan for sports injuries, repetitive stress disorders, chronic pain, and anxiety.
relaxation therapy
cognitive behavioral therapy
- Hypnosis is a therapy that is used to focus a person's attention to a place where he or she feels in control. During hypnosis, a doctor suggests that a person experience a change in sensation, perception, thought, or behaviour. The person's attention is drawn away from the outside world or the area that may be causing problems. Attention is then refocused to the inner self. Someone experiencing hypnosis does not lose control over his or her behaviour. The person's attention and concentration are actually more focused. Participants usually describe hypnosis as: an altered state of consciousness, focused attention, or deep relaxation a pleasant and calming feeling The state of being hypnotised makes it easier to accept and experience suggestions. Hypnosis does not force a person to do anything with these suggestions. It is not a treatment in and of itself. Hypnosis will not cure any underlying physical disorders but it can help with medical treatment.
- Psychotherapy is a treatment that tries to eliminate or control mental symptoms through talking. It is a relationship between a therapist and a client. Different types of therapy are used. Each is based on different principles, structure, and methods. The therapist may be a psychiatrist, GP, psychologist, social worker, nurse, or other counsellor.
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