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Melanoma - Prevention

Information on the prevention of melanoma

Protect your skin this summer
Protect your skin this summer - December 04, 2001 - Under a hot sun, with the vast inviting ocean, blue skies and festive atmosphere, it's easy to be tempted outdoors with little else than a swimming cossie and a pair of thongs. However...
skin cancer protection
- Sunscreens and sunblocks are chemical or physical products used to protect the skin from sun damage which can lead to skin cancer, such as melanoma. Sunscreen products provide various degrees of protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays. Sunblock products prevent all ultraviolight from entering the skin. They often contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, and are used for high-risk areas such as the nose, lips, and shoulders.Chemical sunscreens and sunblocks protect the skin by absorbing visible and invisible, or ultraviolet, sunrays. Examples include: lotions gels creams lip balms spraysPhysical sunscreens and sunblocks protect the skin by reflecting, scattering, absorbing, and blocking sunrays. Examples of physical sunscreens include: clothing, such as shirts and pants and newer fabrics designed to block the sun hats sunglasses zinc creamWhat is the information for this topic?
skin lesions
Sunscreen: Your Shortcut To Preventing Skin Cancer
Sunscreen: Your Shortcut To Preventing Skin Cancer - Exposure to the sun's rays is the number one cause of ageing and damaged skin. Wearing sunscreens is your best protection against skin cancer. - Merlene Michael - More than 90 percent...
- A sunburn is inflammation of the skin as a result of overexposure to the sun. The sun's ultraviolet rays destroy the outer layer of skin cells and the tiny blood vessels underneath and cause a first-degree burn.
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