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See Depression

- Depression can be a temporary state or a long-term emotional disorder marked by feelings of intense sadness, loss of interest or pleasure in almost all activities most of the day, nearly every day, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, and self-reproach. These feelings can occur at any point in life. These symptoms are not clinically described as depression, though, unless the symptoms last most of the day, nearly daily, for at least two weeks or longer. Depressive disorders take many different forms. While the symptoms are often similar, the causes and treatment may be different.
- Dyspareunia is pain in or at the entrance of the vagina when the penis is inserted during sexual intercourse.
cognitive behavioral therapy
postpartum depression
- Psychosis is a general term which refers to any significant mental disorder that has a physical or emotional source. It is a severe disturbance in which a person is unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.
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