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Non invasive treatments. - Healthy eating
Healthy Eating

Can healthy eating improve breast cancer?
Non invasive treatments. - Other

Information on alternative strategies for breast cancer

- Alcohol is a class of chemical compounds containing hydroxyl, or oxygen-hydrogen, groups.
Comprehensive Breast Cancer Guide
New comprehensive breast cancer guide now available
fibrocystic changes in the breast
selenium in diet
- Selenium is an essential mineral that works as part of an important antioxidant enzyme. The body only needs a very small amount of selenium. The amount is measured in micrograms (mcg). The highest concentrations of selenium in the body are found in the liver, kidney, heart, and spleen.
radiation therapy
- Radiation can be used to treat many forms of cancer. It is considered a mainstay of cancer treatment. It can be delivered in two ways. One method uses a beam outside the body, and is called external beam radiation. The other method is to implant radioactive material inside the body. This is known as brachytherapy. Radiation affects molecules, proteins, and DNA in cells. The cells become damaged and are then unable to function and divide normally.
Useful Links
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