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Apnoea - Signs/symptoms

How to recognise the signs of sleep apnoea
Apnoea - treatments

Articles concerning the treatments of sleep apnoea
Apnoea - Effects/damage

Information on the harmful effects of sleep apnoea

adenoid removal
- This procedure involves surgically removing the adenoid glands from the nasopharynx, which is the area between the nasal airway and back of the throat. It is usually performed with a tonsillectomy, or surgical removal of the tonsils.
body mass index
- Body mass index (BMI) is a standard used to judge body fatness. It is determined by dividing an individual's weight (in kilograms) by an individual's height (in metres) squared.
- Drowsiness is a state of decreased awareness or alertness associated with a desire or tendency to fall asleep.
noisy breathing in adults
- Noisy breathing in adults is a common condition, usually caused by a blockage in the air passages.
obstructive sleep apnea
sleep study
respiratory acidosis
Useful Links
Sleep Disorders Australia
sleep apnoea
- Sleep apnoea is the term used for periods in which a person temporarily stops breathing while asleep.
sleep disorders
- A sleep disorder is a condition that abnormally affects the quality, duration, or behaviour of a person's sleep.
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